After-School Programs

We are proud to provide after-school programs to enrich your child's experience.  
All programs are offered on a first come basis with limited space available.


Yoga on Mondays

The stress-relieving practice of yoga is beneficial even for young children.  The class is designed to enhance strength and flexibility, improve concentration, and manage emotions while learning basic yoga poses. 
Class Size: Minimum 6 and limited to 12


Creative Tumblers on Tuesdays

This program will present children with a variety of music and props making it a joyful and educational movement experience.  Children will learn basic tumbling, teamwork, body awareness, coordination, problem solving and much more.
Class Size: Minimum 7 and limited to 12


Spanish on Wednesdays

Our experienced language teacher will teach Spanish to our students with a fun curriculum using songs, stories, games, finger plays, art projects, etc.
Class Size: Minimum 4 and limited to 12


Soccer on Wednesdays

The philosophy of the super soccer star teachers is to impart soccer skills in a fun, noncompetitive environment. More importantly the program focuses on nurturing self-confidence and a cooperative spirit of teamwork. For ages 3-6.
Class Size: Minimum 5 and limited to 10


Gym on Thursdays

Gym classes are designed to encourage children’s listening skills and to develop large muscle
strength and coordination. Children will also learn to develop basic sports and social skills such as taking turns, waiting for a turn, and with cooperating a teammate.
Class Size: Minimum 6 and limited to 12


Karate on Fridays

Karate Class is a fun enrichment program in which preschoolers, ages 3 to 5 years, can build self-esteem and self-control. Children will learn basic blocks, punches, kicks, Japanese counting, and much, much more! Through her method, Sensei Richardson builds leadership skills and self-awareness, by empowering children to be their best. 
Class Size: Minimum 7 and limited to 12