"In such a short time, our son has developed confidence, independence and deep interests! He has made great friends and happily reports on their daily adventures...
the teachers are the heart of the Bronxville Montessori School. They possess a magical combination of wisdom, tenderness and joy! These are committed teachers with experience and a true love for the work they do."

-Brenda and Maik Atlas

"Bronxville Montessori has been apart of our family for over three years, and we have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The bond that my boys have made with their teachers is phenomenal, and the montessori environment is remarkable. This combination has promoted so much growth in my children. My oldest son is on his way to kindergarten reading and writing well, very confident, and socially adept. Both my boys are well prepared for the next step in their education thanks to Bronxville Montessori School.  Thank you!"

-Nicole Allen

"When we entered the hallway of Bronxville Montessori School, we knew we found the perfect fit. I saw smiling children and adults interacting, walls decorated with beautiful murals, and rooms that encouraged exploring while also not appearing as over stimulating and confusing. We love the BMS staff, and are grateful for all they have done for our family. Our child comes home demonstrating new skills, proud of herself and happy on a daily basis."

-Cara and Mario P. 

"We were drawn to Bronxville Montessori School by the wonderful variety of programs and hours that they provide. The early drop off and well-rounded late afternoon activities made this school the best option for our family schedule. At this point, my first child has completed her three years at Montessori and gone on to elementary school (extremely well prepared, I should add!). Now, my second child is attending Bronxville Montessori. Yes, the flexible programming is still important to us, but we have remained there for so many more reasons! Bronxville Montessori is honestly my children’s second home. Every single member of the community has become like family to us. Each staff member and teacher knows my name and the name of my kids; the environment is welcoming for both students and family. I have learned so much about who my children are and how they learn from the conferences I have had with their teachers. As a true Montessori school, the teachers know every child individually and guide them through the curriculum at their own pace. I have two children with learning styles quite different from each other, and yet I have had the pleasure of watching each one blossom in the Montessori classroom. I could not be happier with our choice to send our children to Bronxville Montessori and I know that the kids would say the same!"

-Meredith Rodriguez